my name is kirsten, i'm 20, and i love infinite more than life itself

i'm bi and my pronouns are she/her !


More Info


im slightly nsfw sometimes, i swear a lot, i mostly talk about infinite but i also ult vixx and stan other groups

if youre a hoya or hongbin anti i hate ur guts

if you tweet mostly about groups i dont stan i may not fb...i also just forget to fb sometimes so its nothing personal


infinite, vixx, iu

Others I Like

girl groups: 9muses, brown eyed girls, dreamcatcher, everglow, fromis9, gfriend, loona, purple kiss, rocket punch, snsd, weki meki, wjsn

boy groups: ateez, b1a4, boyfriend, cross gene, enhypen, golden child, highlight, kingdom, lucy, nu'est, onf, the boyz, txt

solo: bibi, boa, chungha, dpr ian, jeong sewoon, minseo, katie, saay, yukika, zion.t


go minsi, gong hyojin, lee dongwook, nam joohyuk, seo inguk, song kang, sung joon, yeo jingoo